Who We Are

A Family of Believers

Messiah is not just a church, it’s a family. Some of our family members call Messiah their house of worship. There are those that call Messiah the place they send their children for pre-school or elementary school.  Still others see Messiah as a voice in the community to help the homeless and women expecting children.  However you might be connected to Messiah, we consider you part of our family.  You’re always welcome and we’re always here for you. We’d love for you to consider yourself a part of the Messiah family

Where We Came From

   Benefiting from the Faith of Others

In the early 1970’s a downtown church (Calvary Lutheran) built a school on our current site.  In the late 1980’s, a group of families from Calvary started Messiah Lutheran Church and took over operation of the school.  We added a lower level education wing and our current worship space in 1996, and we’re excited about adding a large education, music and meeting room space in 2020. 

What We Are Like

 Open, Honest, and True to God’s Word 

Messiah is a place where we want people to feel like they can be themselves.  There’s no need to put on a fake smile and pretend like everything is fine.  We’d rather have you join a small group, or hang out after dropping your children off at school, and share in life’s ups and downs.  Through it all, we look to the true Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ to give us guidance and help as we navigate life together with our brothers and sisters in Christ as part of the Messiah family. We strive to be in God’s Word every day as we go about our daily lives.