Thanks Mrs. Beeman!

Mrs. Beeman is the kindergarten Teacher’s Aide here at Messiah school.  Recently, she noticed that a student’s winter jacket was ripped along both arms.
She tried using duct tape on the rips while the class went to the first recess of the day, but it wasn’t long before it wasn’t sticking to the fabric of the coat and was flapping in the cold breeze.
When Mrs. Beeman’s time in the classroom was done for the day, she took the student’s coat home, repaired it, and brought it back to school, ready to wear before the class took their afternoon recess!


Continuing to Help the People of King Lake

As the weather is getting much colder, we may be suspending our trips to King Lake for the winter. We give thanks to all of those that have been able to help the people in that area. On Nov. 16, over 200 volunteers chipped in to continue to help rebuild homes. As of today, though, only 30 homes are habitable, with another 45 needing to be repaired/rebuilt. Our work will definitely be continuing for many months.
On Nov. 23, we gathered in the town for a Thanksgiving meal. Over 300 townspeople and volunteers joined together to give Thanks for all the Lord as provided.
We give thanks to everyone at the Messiah family for donating your time and treasures to helping the people of King Lake. Please continue to pray for them and look for opportunities to serve them however you can.


Using Your Talents for God

Our Messiah Women in Mission quilt trying group is busy on many projects. This past spring Madonna had a special request to make capes for children’s wheelchairs. Designs included action hero’s, princess’s crowns, fun little animal characters, etc.. Jane Buethe took on that project and completed 14 capes. Another recent Madonna request is to make kid friendly fabric covers for IV bags etc. This project is in the works. These projects service both the Lincoln and Omaha facilities of Madonna Rehab.

We give thanks for all of the women who are working so hard to provide for others. We look forward to sharing more stories with them of the impact they’re having on others by using the talents God has given them.