National Lutheran Schools Week

When their son was ready for pre school, God led a Lincoln family to Messiah. During that first year, the family quickly grew to love everything about Messiah. When it was time to choose a school for kindergarten, Messiah became the easy choice. As the years have passed, they’ve grown closer to both the school and church staff. They just completed our latest “Welcome to Messiah” class and feel as though they’ve finally settled in to their new “home”.


Blessing our Students with a Thrivent Action Grant

Garlyn Beeman (Messiah school Teacher’s Aide) and Heather Haniszewski, Messiah’s school Admissions Coordinator, recently notified the Health Ministry Team of the need for a first aid kit on the playground. Diane Mohrhoff, a Messiah member and Thrivent member, wrote a Thrivent Action Grant with the help of Kathy Carter.

With Thrivent grant funds, they purchased a backpack and filled it with first aid supplies, gloves, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc.

They were also able to buy underwear for students who may have accidents, as well as underwear for the Mustard Seeds/Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits.

Thank you, Diane and Thrivent, for filling these needs for kiddos here at our school and around the world!


Serving God at any Age

This past week, a team of 14 volunteers from Messiah, served at Gleanings for the Hungry in California.  Mrs. Thimijan was able to get to know one of the regular volunteers at Gleanings.  Elmer (originally from Beatrice) is 92 years old, and he and his wife, Anne, spend a couple of mornings each week at Gleanings.  They help to tear plastic bags off of a large roll, and fill them with soup mix.  Anne, who is 93, married Elmer about 6 years ago, after they got to know each other at the assisted living home where they both live.  God can use anyone, at any time, to accomplish the work here on earth that He has set aside for us.