A focus on helping children

The Messiah Women in Mission quilt tying group has tied 100-140 quilts per year in recent years!  These quilts have been donated locally to Friendship Home, Cedars Home for Children, Madonna Rehab, Messiah’s Baby Dresser Project, the City Mission, and various nursing homes.
This year we are focusing on children’s quilts for Friendship Home as they have an astounding number of children coming thru their agency. The children often come into foster care with only what they are wearing, and receiving a warm blanket to keep can be a great comfort in difficult circumstances. 
There are always so many needs, so we will keep sewing and tying. Thanks to all who donate fabric, and also help sew and tie.


Live Generously

Thank you Don and Connie Johnson for supporting Messiah’s ministries by writing Thrivent Action Team Grants!
Thanks to Don Johnson and a Thrivent Action Team grant of $250, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, an eyewash station, and a first aid kit were purchased for Messiah’s out-building. The Health Ministry team helped put together the first aid kit supplies and reviewed its use with Marty Haniszewski, our Building Operations Manager. 

Don’s wife Connie also wrote her first Thrivent Action Team grant and purchased a 9-drawer sewing cart on wheels and some flannel fabric for the Mustard Seeds Sewing Group. 

Contact Kathy Carter for more info on Messiah’s Health Ministry Team or the Mustard Seeds sewing group 402.416.8953‬‬‬. 


How God works through unique ways

We’re blessed to have officer Bill Koepke serving us most Sunday mornings by helping to direct traffic on 84th Street. Recently, we found out exactly how God can use him to not only get in and out of the parking lot safely and quickly, but to help more people find a church home.

From Heather Ritzman:
Recently, my younger daughter had stayed the night with my older daughter, who was moving to Maine. This left me alone for church. With a 20-year-old and a high school senior, I have been facing many things alone for the first time in many years.

There where a multitude of errands to do that Sunday before I packed up my truck and followed my daughter to Maine. If I attended the 9:00 service in Plattsmouth the errands wouldn’t all get done. I was in Eagle at 9:05, but their service started at 9:00, so I kept driving.

I took a left. Lincoln was still new to me, but I’d explored enough to remember “MEGA” churches down 84th Street. Not really my cup of tea, but I really felt the need to attend worship before the trip—It was as much a spiritual journey as a physical one for me. 

It was now 9:25, and I saw a police officer directing traffic ahead of me. Behind him, I saw an LCMS cross on the sign, so I switched lanes and pulled in. In the parking lot, families where scrambling to get in. I thought, “Yes, these are my people.” 

I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit guided me to Messiah. The sermon on preparing for a journey were words God wanted me to hear. I couldn’t wait to share this church with my younger daughter.

Our transition was gradual, but we knew where God wanted us to be. It turns out this church is exactly my “cup of tea.” The mission opportunities that are offered are amazing. The sermons and Bible studies are relevant and true to the Word.

Most dear to me, after 20 years of working in early childhood, is that this church understands the importance of expanding His kingdom through education. This church behaves toward the school as parents who have decided to have a child—not like businessmen disgruntled at the lack of monetary gain. That, to me, speaks volumes for the faith and motives of this congregation. I feel so fortunate to be a member.