A letter from an Acts of Hope recipient

…”I am Abby, who received funds from your Acts of Hope program, due to one of your Messiah family that shared a little bit of my story.  I am FOREVER grateful!

I can’t tell yo how grateful and full of hope you have mad me.  I cried when I was given the check as I couldn’t believe complete strangers would help me so much.

I spent hours asking for help from everyone I know and calling any churches I could find, but I didn’t receive any help from even my friends (to no fault of theirs – everyone is busy and has work and kids)

But your help was so unexpected and so generous.  I have so much hope and such a great feeling in my heart that I wanted to let you know that what you did for me helped so much!!
Please know that I am forever blessed by you and for taking the time, energy and spirit to help someone in great need.
Much Love,


Our Continuing Ministry Partnership with Gleanings for the Hungry

Messiah has had a partnership with Gleanings for the Hungry since the first youth trip there in 2006.  Since that time, we’ve sent 15 groups there, with our 16th group arriving today, and plans for our 17th group happening between services in the youth room on Sunday, June 9.  There have been 297 unique individuals that have gone on a trip to Gleanings and God has done fantastic things through those who have gone.

During the trip happening this week, our youth will help process well over 500,000 lbs. of peaches, turning them into tons of dried fruit.  That fruit is distributed to hungry people around the world by God’s servants and missionaries who share the gospel message as they meet the physical needs of the people.
In January, we’re planning to send our second group of adults to Gleanings.  They’ll primarily help package a dried soup mix, which has grown from its infancy when we started our partnership with Gleanings, to where Gleanings volunteers are now producing more soup mix than peaches.
Thank you for your continued prayerful support of our Gleanings volunteers, the Gleanings missionaries and the people who are touched by the Holy Spirit when they receive the food from Gleanings.