King Lake

Shown in the above photo is a woman whose home was inundated with water during the floods a year ago. As a result, her entire home had to be cleaned out down to the studs and outside finish.

A week before this photo was taken, this house was unlivable—insulation rolls, extra lumber, boarded up windows, and exposed new wiring in the ceiling. Messiah’s teams have since hung the sheetrock, installed windows, and insulated the walls during those two Saturdays.

When the owner came in just before this photo was taken and saw the walls taking shape, she just covered her face, and amid her tears, kept saying, Thank you! Oh, Thank you!

There is a lot yet to be done to this home, but with God providing the help of volunteers from Messiah and other churches and organizations, this and the more than 30 other homes like it, will be rebuilt. There is still plenty of need for Good Samaritans—no experience necessary!