Days for Girls Kits Change Women’s Lives

Days for Girls International is a nonprofit that has helped a million women and girls in over 125 countries. We learned about Days for Girls prior to a Messiah mission trip to Tanzania last year, and completed training in order to teach women and girls about their menstrual cycle and hygiene, and distribute washable, reusable Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits.

We taught our first class with the Massai tribe women under an acacia tree, and two other classes in the secondary schools in the Mgundai village. When we returned from Africa, Wendy Rich and I felt the Holy Spirit start a fire in our hearts. We began working with Ann, who leads a Days for Girls group in Omaha, to learn the process of creating and sewing kits.

These kits include a beautiful drawstring cloth bag, a zip-lock bag, soap, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 shields, 8 trifold pads, a menstrual diary, and a washcloth. Days for Girls kits last 3-5 years. With 1 1/3 yards of fabric, a kit will give back to a girl 180 days over 3 years: days in school, days of income, days of dignity and days of living. 

We welcome all volunteers even if you don’t sew. Contact Kathy Carter for more info 402.416.8953.