The Angel Tree Wrap-up

In 2019, our Angel Tree ministry helped Messiah and Everett school families here in Lincoln, ten families from Kings Lake whose homes were ravaged by flooding, and children and sponsors of His Little Feet International Children’s choir.

A King Lake parent said, Our Christmas was nothing short of miraculous. Thank you to all at Messiah for making that possible.

We also received this in a note: Thank you so much for the gifts this Christmas season. The joy our children had opening these generous gifts is deeply appreciated. A heartfelt thank you for all the Messiah congregation.

One of the sponsors from His Little Feet remarked that nothing like this had ever been done for the group.

In all, the number of gifts you gave totaled over 250. While the $25 per gift remains the norm, many go over and above which results in the equivalent of approximately $7700!
We also used the tree to collect hats, mittens and scarves in January. The picture above is of the Everett Elementary Principal showing their appreciation when we dropped off 167 Hats, 148 pair of mittens and gloves and 49 scarves to them. 

Cris Gittins and I have been blessed and humbled by the overwhelming generosity of our Messiah family. We are so grateful for the many prayers that have helped this ministry share the light and love of Jesus—especially those who have never experienced it.

Just as the Lord guided and prepared us to step into this ministry, we have made the decision to step down as coordinators. Our prayer is for those who might consider leading this ministry, that you would listen to what God’s plan is for you. Of course contact Cris or myself with any questions!

Thank you for trusting us, working with us and praying for this amazing ministry. We look forward to seeing how Angel Tree will continue to serve families in need, and at the same time are excited to see out where God next guides each of us.

In Christ,
Helen Kampfe
Cris Gittins 

To get in touch with either Helen or Cris, please contact the church office at 402-489-3024