Voting Day 2019

Lay Leadership Board Elections:
First, thank you to all seven candidates for being willing to serve. Once again this year we had a very strong slate of candidates and the vote was very close.
Here are the seven candidates: Darin Rich, Troy Brennan, Matt Dibbern, Andy Greer, Tom Karlin, Deb Kisker, Matt Lentell.
The four voted in: Andy Greer, Tom Karlin, Deb Kisker, and Darin Rich
Ministry Plan (Budget):  
96% approval (378 Yes & 15 No). Praise God! But remember, we must continue to vote “Yes” together as a family to resource all the ministries contained in the 2020 plan.
Foundation Board Approval: 
100% approval (385 Yes & 0 No). We are blessed with a wonderful Foundation Board of Directors who are working hard to secure ministry resources for generations to come.
We have not yet tallied up the poll question on the ballot.