When God’s people gather, something special happens—the Holy Spirit begins to move, unique bonds develop, and lives change. We know that where two or more are gathered for encouragement, it is even more special. 

We foster relationships by creating a community of faithful sisters in Christ and look forward to coming alongside women of all ages and life stages with Gospel-centered resources. We model Christ in our faith walk and invite you to join us in following Jesus.

Pamela Sharp

Women’s ministries

Women's Bible Studies

  • 1:30p Julie Guyton leads the study, Get Out of Your Head, by Jennie Allen.
    This group meets at Messiah. Contact Julie 540.290.6466 for more info.
  • 1:30p Lois Cole and Jan Beck co-lead this bBible Study from the LWML Quarterly. This group meets the 3rd Monday of each month. Contact Lois 515.745.5388 or Jan 402.488.1203 for more info.
  • 5:30p LuAnn Ebke leads the study Matchless, by Angie Smith. This group meets via Zoom. Contact LuAnn 4540.429.3661 for more info.
  • 9:00a Lindy Karlin leads the study, Elijah, by Priscilla Shirer.
    This group meets via zoom. Contact Lindy 540.429.6961 for more info.
  • 2:00p Rita Overton leads the study, Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. This group meets via Zoom. Contact Rita 402.770.2403 for more info.
  • 9:00a Bethany Werner leads the study, Nice, by Sharon Hodde Miller. This group meets at Messiah. Contact Bethany 734.450.7167 for more info.
  • 4:30p Liz Patton leads the study, God’s Son, Our Savior, b Hackie Oesch. This group meets at Messiah. Contact Liz 402.540.3040 for more info.
  • Looking for a Friday Bible study? How about starting one? Contact Pamela Sharp, our Director of Women’s Ministries 402.489.3024.
  • 9:00a Shelly Hlavaty leads the study, Ten Women of the Bible, by Max Lucado. This group meets via Zoom. Contact Shelly 734.450.7167 for more info.

Messiah women are committed to inspiring personal growth in Jesus Christ, His Word, Holiness, the church, and growing the kingdom by making disciples.

IF:Equip Bible Studies

These daily studies include practical lessons and teaching, short video commentary for each lesson, opportunities to reflect and respond, and leaders guides. Three ways to study: book, emailed daily lessons, the IF:Gathering app.

IF:Table Small Groups

Six women gather around a table once a month for 2 hours, with 4 questions. This sparks conversations about following God and where women are in a real, authentic way.

Intro lunch

Our discipleship community is designed to provide resources to mentor and be mentored. We provide accountability, guidance, and encouragement resources (teaching guides, activities and challenges).