Through prayer, we have the opportunity to communicate with God; to praise Him, give thanks to Him, and lay our requests and concerns at His feet.

Places for Prayer

Prayer Garden

Every Sunday morning the doors to the prayer garden are open, and you're welcome to enjoy some prayer time. During normal business hours, you can stop in the church office and pick up a key fob so you can unlock the door to get back into our building. You may also use the sidewalk in front of our 84th street entrance and follow it past the portables to get to the prayer garden at any time, without having to come into the building.

Prayer Room

We have a beautiful, comfortable prayer room across from our café. You're welcome to use this room for some solitude and to spend time in prayer, or to gather a small group to pray with.

You may dedicate Sunday altar flowers in celebration of, or in memory of, a special person or event. You may also either take the flowers home, or brighten someone else’s day by asking that our Care Team deliver the bouquet to someone who’s homebound.