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We are passionate about generously giving our time, skills, material goods, and finances, to fill the needs of people, and as means of sharing Jesus in our own community and around the world.

Missions we support

Orphan Grain Train serves from 29 locations located across the United States, each with teams of volunteers who gather clothing and other relief supplies for destitute people around the world. They also raise the money to send these relief goods and food where most needed.

We have a donation bin n the Great Hall at Messiah, designated for Orphan Grain Train. You’re welcome to bring school supplies, medical supplies, hygiene items, new and gently used clothing, shoes, bedding, and infant items to church 8:00-4:00 during the week, or when you come for worship on Sundays. 

Contact Steve Sirek 402.416.1972 or Kathy Carter 402.416.8953to learn more about Lincoln’s collection warehouse, and how you can help.

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Royal Family Kids (RFK) transforms communities by interrupting cycles of neglect, abuse and abandonment of children in the foster care system. We fulfill our mission by providing an array of programs, all directed toward changing the trajectory of young lives which usually include a combination of academic failure, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, sex trafficking, homelessness, and incarceration.

RFK is led by Christ followers who share a common goal with people of good will in caring for those Jesus referred to as, “The least of these.” In our case, children of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Our Christian faith is woven into everything that we do as respond to Jesus Christ’s call to love and to serve.

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Since 2006, Messiah has been sending high school teams in the summer, and more recently, adults during the winter to serve in California at Gleanings for the Hungry. Gleanings is all about reducing food waste in this country, and sending that food to people in need.

Along with the food, Gleanings assures that the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented. Messiah has had over 300 different volunteers spend a week at Gleanings since that first trip in 2006.

Check out this video to learn more about Gleanings for the Hungry

Contact Marty for info on the youth Gleanings mission trip that happens during summer.

Contact Scott for info on the adult Gleanings mission trip that happens during winter.

J.P. and Aimee, along with their children (Celeste, Bella,  and Isaac), have served in southeast Asia for 12 years, currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

J.P. serves the Cambodia Lutheran Church (CLC), a growing collection of Lutheran congregations. J.P. travels throughout Cambodia to equip and empower the leaders of the CLC with informal mentorship and formal theological education, that they might boldly announce and demonstrate the Gospel to the people of Cambodia.

Aimee serves as the Mercy Manager for the Asia region. She supports the other personnel serving in this region and works with local church partners to coordinate mercy work. In Cambodia, she supports the efforts of Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation (CWEF) as it works with communities to improve education and health, particularly for Cambodian children. The rest of J.P. and Aimee’s time is spent learning Khmer language, whizzing around on motorbikes with their daughters, and chasing their toddler son up and down the house.

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The Rev. Dr. Christian and Gudula (Lula) Tiews serve the Lord as career missionaries in Germany. Christian works to reach out to Germans and Farsi-speaking immigrants from the Middle East. In addition, he offers English classes, translates English theological materials into German, and assists in the new English-language Bachelor of Theology program offered by Luther Academy, Riga (aka the Livonian Lutheran Project), as a mentor of future pastors and coordinator of other mentors throughout the Eurasia region.

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Messiah has a long relationship with the people of Haiti through the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society, and we’ve sent many mission teams to help build churches, orphanages and schools. Due to political unrest, we haven’t sent a team in a few years, but we continue to pray for the people of Haiti and look forward to being able to return to their country and continue to grow our relationship with the Haitian people. 

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Rev. Dr. John and Melinda Bombaro serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as missionaries in Latvia, based in Riga. John serves as assistant to the regional director of the Eurasia region in the area of theological education. In this role, he works to plant an English-speaking congregation in Riga. He teaches Lutheran theology and mentors seminary students in a Bachelor of Divinity program at Riga Luther Academy (the Latvian Ev. Luth. Church’s seminary). He assists in the re-accreditation of the seminary, not only as a Latvian seminary but also as an English-speaking seminary accredited throughout the European Union. He builds confessional and strategic relations between regional partner churches and synods. With Melinda’s help, John also coordinates conferences around Eurasia for pastors and other church workers.

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Rev. Arthur and Deaconess Eva Rickman serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as missionaries in Latin America, based in Panama. Arthur serves as a facilitator, building and strengthening relationships with LCMS partners, helps administrate theological education opportunities, and manage diaconal work throughout the area. He also serves the local church in Panama.

Serving as a deaconess, Eva assists with deaconess formation. She encourages and supports the mercy work that is happening throughout this region.

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Becky Bartelt serves the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Asia, based in Taiwan. In her role as a sacred music educator, she assists church partners in the region in developing Lutheran hymnals in other languages. She also coordinates music programs in local congregations for the edification of the church and as an outreach to people in the community.

Learn more about Rebecca’s ministry in Taiwan here.

God has led us to work alongside the Siouxland Tanzania Education and Medical Ministries (STEMM) for several years now. This relationship began when we had the privilege of having guests from Tanzania join us for worship during their stay in Lincoln, as a child recovered and rehabilitated after a major accident that took place in Tanzania. We’ve had teams travel to Tanzania for medical missions and to help at the STEMM orphanage.

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Rev. James and Angela Sharp serve the Lord as missionaries of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Uruguay. James plants new churches and works to support mercy outreach projects around the country. Through Word and Sacrament ministry, he partners with local church leaders to form and develop groups of believers into mature, self-sustaining and self-replicating congregations. James also teaches Lutheran theology courses to help train individuals in the Lutheran faith and to develop local leaders to carry on God’s mission.

Angela focuses on education. She teaches English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) classes to people of all ages. She organizes, directs and provides content for Sunday schools throughout the country and conducts workshops for training new teachers and educational leaders. James and Angela also seek to build relationships through Bible studies and other community activities. Through these interactions, they are given opportunities to share the Gospel.

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